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Welcome to the Historical Census and Colonial Data Archive

The Historical Census and Colonial Data Archive (HCCDA) is a searchable archive of Australian Colonial census publications and reports. It's a sub-archive of the Australian Data Archive (ADA). Please note that the archive contains colonial census reports and not the raw census data.

Using the archive

Here is a summary of the archive contents by colony. Click on a colony name to start working with the documents from that colony.

Colony Documents Pages Tables
NSW 11 3987 3897
QLD 14 3122 4033
SA 12 2601 2516
TAS 9 1238 1181
VIC 10 6357 6575
WA 10 1348 1071

A Note on Image and Markup Quality

Some of the original microfiche films that the archive has digitized are of poor quality, or mistakes have crept in to the fiche scanning process. We also expect that mistakes have also crept in to the process of creating XML markup from the page images. If you spot a document page image or markup that you believe has errors or is not of a high enough quality to use, then please let us know. Every document page has a comment form where you can leave comments or corrections or other notes, or you can contact us directly at the email addresses on the contacts page.

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